Andrea Kough

“We are a military family who has bought/sold six houses throughout our career. Trish will definitely be remembered as among the best of the best agents we’ve worked with. Her ethic is outstanding. She goes far above and beyond the call throughout the process. Her intelligence, work ethic (it’s really amazing!) and humor make the process fun.

Our home recently went pending in a “challenging” market. Trish was upfront about conditions and never more than a few days went by without us hearing from her with updates about the market as a whole and what her marketing plan would be. When she would get calls on other listings, she would mention ours if the buyer was in the right price range. And now that the offer has come in and process is wending, Trish remains right with us, a true professional who is doing everything she can to make the process as easy and painless as possible.

I cannot recommend Trish highly enough as a seller. Any agent that’s willing to take your dog to her own hime so the house can be shown in peace is worth her salt. I know that if my family returns to Tampa, we won’t go searching for a new agent. We already have one here!”

– Andrea Kough

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