Laura Engel

“I just wanted to let anyone out there know that if they are looking at this site to try to determine if Trish Carter is the right real estate agent for them, I can tell you now she most certainly is. That is if you are looking for someone friendly, who knows the area, the schools, the people and is a complete professional.

I moved here from New York and Trish handled my home purchase as well as my parents. I hounded her for months because I was not able to be in Florida to see what was available and was in a position of having about 4 days to come here and find a house for myself, my husband and 2 small children. Trish went above and beyond to answer questions, check out houses for me and call me back with info, she even gave me her personal home phone number so I could call her any time. I knew nothing about the area except what I could research online but she gave me every bit of information she could and made the decision on where to buy much easier.

When we came down to Florida to make our decision and we were out all day looking at houses, she allowed my restless children to go to her house for a swim while we discussed our options. Can I say any more to convince you that she is a dedicated agent??? She has been doing this a long time and knows what she is doing. She is well known in the industry and gets my sincere stamp of approval! From the looking stage, through the closing, to the follow up and years later, Trish Carter is the TOPS!”

– Laura Engel